Important Considerations Before Ordering Residential Furniture Online

Interior decorators and designers know that people frequently make mistakes when buying furniture, and this leads to a certain level of dissatisfaction. Often, they have not thoroughly considered what they really want or how specific products will fit with the home’s interior design and color scheme. When shopping at, customers will want to keep some important aspects in mind before placing an order.

Delivery Fees

If the buyers plan to have the furniture delivered by the store, they must learn whether delivery fees apply. Some stores do not charge any fees if the purchase price reaches a certain level. Others charge relatively minimal fees or only add on this cost if they must travel a fair distance. There are stores, however, that do add shipping costs that can put the buyer over the intended budget. It’s important to find out about this before placing the order.


When shopping for furniture online, some features may not be visible. An example is whether cushions for couches and easy chairs are fully upholstered. Some manufacturers cut costs by leaving one side unfinished. That saves money for consumers, but it shortens the lifespan of the item since the cushions cannot be flipped over.


Large pieces must be able to fit through doors and, sometimes, go around tight corners in staircases. Taking measurements of doorways and corners is essential. In some homes, parts of the door frames can be temporarily removed, which gains an extra inch or more.

Measuring also is important for making sure a piece is not too large for the intended placement or so small that it looks odd. A couple may long for a king-sized bed, but measurements indicate that this is simply not feasible unless they remove some of the other furniture.

Consistency vs. Layering

Some men and women love sets of furniture for consistency, while others prefer a multi-layered look. They should remain true to their preferences, even if they can get a better deal by buying with the opposite strategy. They’ll be living with these pieces all the time, and reduced satisfaction will feel frustrating. Ideally, a home reflects the residents’ personalities.