3 Tips For Choosing Luxury Bed Linen in NZ

A few decades ago, luxury bed linen was only found in the homes of the very wealthy and in high-class hotels. However, modern consumers have come to expect a higher quality of home furnishings than their parents or grandparents had access to, and they especially appreciate luxurious bedding. The following are some tips for choosing luxury bed linen nz.

Tip #1: Consider The Thread Count

It’s a common assumption that thread count should be as high as possible, but that isn’t necessarily the case. Thread count depends on how tightly the fabric is woven and what type of fiber is used for the thread. For example, cotton is a fairly thin fiber, and a good thread count for cotton sheets is around 300 to 400. Linen sheets, on the other hand, are made from flax, a plant with a naturally thicker fiber, and linen thread counts range from 80 to 150. Beware of thread counts beyond these ranges because they may indicate that a sheet is so tightly woven that it won’t breathe.

Tip #2: Choose Natural Fibers

Natural fibers like cotton and linen are more comfortable than synthetic fabrics because they are more absorbent and breathable. Cotton and linen both work well to keep sleepers from getting overheated during the night. Natural fibers not only feel better to the skin, but they also reduce allergies. Linen, in particular, is touted as a hypoallergenic fabric that is ideal for sensitive skin.

Tip #3: Consider Durability

Luxury bedding is not inexpensive, so it’s worth considering how long a set of sheets will last. While linen sheets tend to be the most costly, they are also by far the most durable. In fact, good linen sheets can last for thirty years or more, and they get softer and more comfortable over time. The best cotton sheets, on the other hand, last about ten years before they need to be replaced.

High-quality sheets and duvet covers are not just a luxury. They also help people get the best possible sleep, which is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. That’s why it’s worth doing a little research and investing in bed linens that will feel good and last a long time.